How to get children to bed, when parents are not around?

It’s 7pm, time to go to bed. But for some reasons, the kids become more and more excited, they want more hugs, more kisses, they have so many questions… And instead of having a quiet evening waiting for the parents to come back, you’re ending up by begging them to go to bed. Sounds familiar […]

How to prepare your children for school days ?

It is the end of the school holidays, it’s time for you to come back to work and for your children to return to school. And we know that the separation can be very complicated… Don’t worry, your French speaking nanny may have some solutions to deal with your kids’ tears and avoid you to […]

How to introduce books to children?

What a pleasure to open a good book and to plunge into it ! But in our modern world, ruled by screens, we see more and more the children opt for TVs or Ipad when comes the recreational hours. As a parent, or a French speaking nanny, you can help them develop their taste for […]

How To Prepare For Parenthood when You Have A Disability

Written by Ashley Taylor   There are more than4.1 million parents with disabilitiesin the United States, a number that continues to rise as more war veterans return home. If you fall into this camp, there are a few pre-emptive measures you should take before the baby comes into your life, so that the transition is […]

Cooking with children

Cooking with children, what a wonderful activity ! It will not only make you share a great moment with the children but also allow them to develop all their senses : taste, sight, touch, smell and even sound. When cooking with your children, leave them feel and smell the ingredients, explain the colours (in French!), […]

Children and screen !

Nowadays, digital media are more and more used and present all around the world; but is it very good for children? For a lots of pediatrics, digital exposure for children should be limited : For children between two to five years old to one hour per day; For children aged of 6 years and older, […]

Des vacances pluvieuses ? Voici quelques activités “waterproof” à faire à Londres !

Nous ne sommes pas mauvaise langue, mais Londres n’est peut être pas destination la plus ensoleillée des vacances… Pas de devoirs, pas de planning à respecter, en tant que Nannies française, il vous faut gérer des jours de pluie et des enfants surexcités en même temps. Vous vous êtes sûrement dit que vous avez tout […]

Festival Lollibop : un festival spécialement pour les familles !

Connaissez-vous le Lollibop festival ?   Le festival Lollibop est le plus grand et le seul festival au Royaume-Uni consacré entièrement aux enfants. C’est la sortie en famille idéale! Au programme, des activités en tout genre, telles que des spectacles, jeux, cours de danse, ateliers, etc. River Island organise un atelier, le design Den, pour que vos […]